Hotmail new email version is Outlook. Set up or create a new Hotmail account ID can be easily proceed to enter the registration information at inbox.

After you’ve completed the sign up steps, Hotmail will redirect the inbox page interface to write-up the first email communication message.Outlook.Com is the superior email page presented by Microsoft to replace sign in account.

Outlook is integral part of Microsoft services; it connects Outlook express, Microsoft Office, One Drive, Skype and Windows. Sign up Hotmail with one email account permits to access all products & services.


It not matter that you’ve login with Desktop, PC, MacBook and mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, Windows phone, Amazon Candle .

Hotmail Microsoft Email Users can easily Sign in from Official link

Hotmail Sign in

If You Didn’t Sign up a Hotmail Account?

Hotmail Sign Up

Outlook is Introducing Feature Add-ins for Web Email

Outlook has recently integrated feature add-ins such as Uber, Giphy, Yelp, PayPal, Boomerang, Evernote and Wunderlist. users can easily integrate apps on the web.

All Video & image Source is Microsoft

Hotmail Sign in


See the amazing video of Microsoft Hotmail is showcasing the add-ins with account. That is amazing to manage big brands straight away from Hotmail inbox.

Microsoft Outlook has disabled the add-ins by default, but users should be aware that add-ins enabling will access the data or further you only activate them. Feel free to any time disable or activate from menu>settings or even visit the office store to install more add-ins to make email rich experience.

Why Sign in Hotmail form Mobile Apps

How to Sign in Hotmail account from mobile device is very simple. After download the Hotmail app and installation process finished. Set up the email address. Enter the Username or Mobile number along with password to login the inbox. You can enter multiple Hotmail accounts also.

Microsoft is promising that  login to Hotmail email app will leave indelible experience. It is simple that you’re using Android device or iSO; manage the email accounts, contact list, calendar and files without swapping the apps.


People are switching to Hotmail page on daily basis to create a Hotmail account. Hotmail app is really differentiating from other competitors due to its Unified Inbox, Swipe Gestures, Schedule Email, Send Availability, Attach File and Focused inbox.

How to Add Multiple Email Accounts in Windows 10 from Hotmail App

This is not a matter to add multiple email accounts settings in Windows 10 phone
Browse the Outlook app
Press Tab> click < Setting
Find the option +add as many account you’re interested

What is Outlook Home Page ‘URL’ for UK, USA, Canada, Australia & Europe Email Users

People are frequently switching mobile devices in UK, Canada, USA, Australia and Europe. But do you believe to experience Outlook email account login information will not change at all. Your Hotmail credential will remain same, no matter

All are redirected to Outlook new interface and owned by Microsoft email.