2 Step Verification to Sign In Hotmail

The Single-Use code or the 2 Step Verification to Sign In Hotmail is the method to make your account more secure. This is not a compulsory thing, however, one can enable it manually to Hotmail or Outlook.com account more secure. Sometimes the issue may occur, while you are trying to enter the Single-use code and it is not working. In this situation, one can simply use the technique, which is to counter check your password & Hotmail username.

When you regularly sign in to your Hotmail account with Single-Use code, it may be better to use an app for that. The Outlook Connector & Exchange ActiveSync are options to use for that purpose. You can simply enable these functions by installing these addons, just after enabling 2-step verification on your account.


How Can I Enable 2-Step Verification to Sign in Hotmail Account

The setting up of 2-step verification applies to your Microsoft account as a whole, but it also specific to your Outlook.com account.

  • Visit account.microsoft.com on your browser, just after Hotmail account sign in.
  • Here try to find the heading “Security & Privacy”, located just in the top text.
  • From the new screen, find the text “More Security Settings” instead one can Click Here to move quickly.
  • After receiving the code, enter it on the screen when prompted.
  • Simply click on the link button “Set up 2-step verification” just a bit below.


Creating an App Password for Hotmail

As we inform you about setting up an app password for two-step verification, now here we discuss that how you can do that.

 1. The first step of this process is quite similar to the above one. Open Security Settings Page.

2. Here find the ‘App Passwords’ which is available as a link. Open this and you will see the password on your screen.

2 Step Verification to Sign In Hotmail

3. You will use this password to whenever you sign in to Outlook.com

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