Create a Calendar Event in Hotmail

To create a calendar event in Hotmail, you can read the steps as followings. allows the users to first create an event then share it among your contacts to remind them about the coming events.

How to Create & Share Calendar Events in Hotmail

After you login to your inbox, you can create a calendar from the drop down menu button at the upper left end.

Hotmail Left Drop Down

  • From the drop-down, click on the Calendar, then select NEW from here. Enter all of the details for the event, you want to create.

Calendar Event in Hotmail

  • You will need to give the Title of event, the location of the event, date of begin & end, Time of begin & end.
  • After you give all of the information, you have to just save the event in Hotmail Calendar.

save the event in Hotmail Calendar

In addition, to reminding yourself about an event, Hotmail calendar can also remind others in your contacts, by using the email.

Share the Hotmail Calendar

To share the event from the calendar, you have to press the share button at top then enter the email from your contacts.

enter the email to share calendar & press share

Now click on share button.

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