Hotmail is Not Loading on My Computer

Sometimes (Hotmail is not loading on my computer) is reported more frequently over here. One can solve this issue easily, by using the instructions as followings.

How to Fix Hotmail not Loading Issue

Step 1:

Check your internet connection by opening another website in a browser, if it loads perfectly but is giving an error. Then there may be a problem with your computer, let’s move to next step.

Step 2:

Open Internet Explorer which is now Edge, open Internet Options and click on Advance settings.

Internet explorer Internet Options

Step 3:

In the advance tab, click on the HTTP 1.1 settings, here you have to disable the HTTP 1.1 and enable the use of HTTP 1.1 through a proxy.

Click on the HTTP 1.1 settings

Step 4:

Click on Apply and save the settings by OK button.

Step 5:

Restart the Internet Explorer, so that all the new settings are implemented.

Step 6:

Now open in your browser, you will see it will open successfully.

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