Hotmail Password Reset

Users of Hotmail sometimes forget the password so in these time there may be a need for Hotmail password reset guide. The exact password is mandatory to access your account because without it Microsoft will don’t let you into the mailbox.


Some Common Problems One Should Consider Before Resetting Hotmail Password

Counter check your username & password which you are entering for in the available field. On the other side sometimes the CAPs Lock is turned on and you are entering all the alphabets with upper-case. Recheck your CAPs lock status & make it sure that you are entering the password with all letters according to the set pattern.

If you have checked for all above things, then it is must that you need to reset Hotmail password. From here to below one can learn about Hotmail password reset steps. Which is the pretty handy thing to do on the internet. Here you go with the steps one must do with for Hotmail password reset.


How to Reset Hotmail Password Easily?

Visit the Official website of Hotmail where you will have to find the ‘. The image below is to help you find the link by comparing the original screen with it.

Hotmail password reset

Now at next screen, Microsoft will ask you about the reason for changing your password. Here select the top option asking ‘I forgot my Password.’

Select I forgot my Password

At next give the Email address for which you want to change the password. Now enter the CAPTCHA code which you can see on the screen. If unable to recognize it, request for a new or hear the audio for the captcha by using the above buttons.

Give the Email address and Captcha

Now at next, select the options from the available three to verify your identity & ownership to account. On your selection, Hotmail will send you the verification code either on Phone number OR Email. When you select the phone number, it will take you to another page, where you will input the last 4-digits of the phone number. On the other hand, when you select the email, you will found a screen to enter the code.

Verify your identity and ownership to hotmail account

Now after giving the code you received over the network, RESET HOTMAIL PASSWORD which must be of minimum 8-characters. Here all is done.




At the above step number four, you have to select the very last option where it says ‘I don’t have any of these.’

Now give the email address which is in working condition, Microsoft will communicate with you on this mail address. After this, you will be on the new page, where Microsoft will ask some very personal questions about your account.

Give the email address to communicate.jpg

This is just because, no one from outside can take over the account in error. If the answers which you gave to the corresponding questions are precise, then you can change the password.

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