Hotmail Storage Limit: What is it & How to Increase Space

Every free public email service puts a limit on storage, so do Hotmail. Hotmail storage limit issue is also reported on official forums as well as other online websites. 5GB of storage is allocated to each user of, if you exceed this limit you may not send or receive emails.

To Fix this issue, you will need to have some assistance, for that you can follow the guide below to free some space in account.


Fixing Hotmail Storage Limit Issue

  • First of all Right Click on Junk Folder and select Empty Folder with it.

Empty Hotmail Junk Folder.jpg

  • Use Sweep feature with the 4 rules available at the top, you can also view other available rules. See the image for support if unable to understand how to use Sweep feature in Hotmail inbox. This will delete the emails from inbox, according to options which you choose.

Sweep feature with the 4 rules

  • On the other hand, if you do not want to delete all of the emails. Then use the Sort option and sort your emails by SIZE, this will make prominent all the large emails. You can then delete those Large Size emails which you think are less important to you.

Hotmail Sort by size option

  • If still have issues with space and you need more storage, you can delete other custom folders located in left pane.


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